Using Zotfile on a PC: Extracting Annotations

A student of mine, Nada Saleh, pointed out to me that my video tutorials on Zotero don’t cover some particularities of extracting annotations with Zotfile on a PC.  So she has gone to the trouble to create a step-by-step tutorial of how to make sure you can get your highlights out a PDF when you are working on a Windows machine. The following is written by her. Many thanks, Nada!

How to Do It

When you’re saving a pdf file after adding highlights and comments, you may not be able to find the location of the original file in the Save window. To solve this:

Step 1

Go back to Zotero, right click the PDF, and then choose “show file.”

Step 1

Step 2

Copy the file location from the address bar and then paste it in the Save window that you already have open (make sure to hit enter).

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 3

A message should appear to confirm that you want to replace the existing file. Choose “yes.”

Step 5

Step 6 (last one)


Need-to-Know-News: Harvard & MIT Evaluate MOOCs, ‘Lean Forward’ the New approach to Online Collaboration & Why LinkedIn Buying is Good for Higher Ed

Online Learning Insights

This ‘Need-to-Know’ blog post series features noteworthy stories that speak of need-to-know developments within higher education and K-12 that have the potential to influence, challenge and/or transform traditional education as we know it.

MP9004055001)  Harvard and MIT Evaluate MOOCs’ Impact
Harvard and MIT recently released a report evaluating the impact of their MOOCs offered on edX’s platform (Ho et al., 2015). The report uses data over a two-year period across 69 MOOCs and includes analysis on participation levels, student demographics, profile of certificate seekers, completion rates and more. It’s a worthwhile read for educators involved in planning or the delivery of xMOOCs. Three key takeaways:

1.  Participation* across eleven MOOCs offered for a second time declined by 43% from the first to second version. Of five courses offered for a third time, participation numbers remained essentially the same.  The one exception was for the Introduction to Computer Science MOOC, which…

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